Silkeborg - Denmark

Silkeborg, DK is home to a Logistics Plus® office! We provide complete logistics and supply chain management.

Silkeborg is in the middle of the Jutlandic Peninsula.

Silkeborg is situated on the Gudenå River, slightly west of the geographical center of Denmark. The city is surrounded by Denmark’s largest forest district, a great number of lakes, and is divided along an east-west axis by the lake of Silkeborg Langsø. Silkeborg is also home to a Logistics Plus office where we proudly serve both small and large businesses throughout the region.

Whether it is working as your 3PL or 4PL partner, our solutions include transportation, warehousing, fulfillment, logistics, business intelligence, technology, and unique supply chain solutions.

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Logistics Plus, Inc. (Scandinavia)
Silkeborg, Denmark