eShipPlus for Freight Shipping

Watch this short video for a very quick introduction to the Logistics Plus® eShipPlus™ online freight shipping tools.

There are numerous benefits for shippers to use a transportation management system (TMS) for freight shipping. The use of a TMS, such as eShipPlus, for LTL and truckload transportation helps ensure that your loads are matched to the best carrier, equipment, and lanes so that you can get the best possible rates without sacrificing service. Partnering with a transportation management provider, such as Logistics Plus, to obtain the benefits of a TMS also gives you access to that partner’s entire team of logistics experts. As illustrated below, using a TMS will provide you with significant efficiencies and access to an array of other value-added services, including back office support to handle pick-up scheduling, tracking, appointment confirmations, proof of deliveries, claims processing, bills of lading, audited and consolidated of freight bills, and detailed reporting.

eShipPlus for freight shipping

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