Gretchen Seth Appears as a Guest on Freightwaves Radio

Gretchen.SethGretchen Seth, International SVP for Logistics Plus, appeared as a guest on Freightwaves Radio on the Road Dog Trucking channel of SiriusXM this past Saturday afternoon. Gretchen spoke with host Tim Dooner about how the new Logistics Plus Medical division, dba LP Med™, is leveraging its global connections, logistics expertise, warehousing capacity, and transportation knowledge to do some good and creative things on the personal protective equipment (PPE) front. Gretchen also discussed other optics, such as LP’s origins, recent tech trends, hiring challenges, and the reason why 50 country flags fly on top of Union Station in downtown Erie. Subscribers to SiriusXM can listen to a replay of the broadcast on-demand online (as shown below) or via the SiriusXM app.