Logistics Plus CEO Comments About Amazon in Erie

Logistics Plus Founder and CEO Jim Berlin spoke to local media yesterday about the recent announcement that Amazon will be opening a new, final-mile fulfillment center in Erie, Pennsylvania. Jim, and other local area leaders, say that an expansion like this can help other companies realize how Erie is an ideal location. According to Jim, one of the best parts of Erie is the easy access to larger cities.

“You think about it, 79 is a major highway south and 90 is a major highway east and west and we are right on that,” said Jim in the interview. “So it’s great for access. It’s great for Canada. You’re only an hour and a half from the Canadian border and a large population is East Coast. So I came out of the trucking business and we used to say you’re mostly two days away from the population by truck.”

Watch a video replay of the news segment below.


Logistics Plus is no stranger to Amazon having been selected as one of its original third-party logistics partners for the Amazon Solutions Provider Network in 2016 for international shipping services; with expanded services for Amazon sellers announced in 2018.

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