Logistics Plus Chicago Warehouse Expands Capabilities

Chicago warehouseThe Logistics Plus Chicago warehouse is happy to announce that it has expanded its warehousing capabilities by adding a new racking system and temperature-controlled cooling unit. The 190,000 sq. ft. warehouse located at 220 N York Road in Bensenville, IL passed the final inspection for these additions last week, and they are now ready for use.

The new racking system adds 5,000 pallet positions in the warehouse. The system is designed for both standard pallet sizes and super sacks. The temperature-controlled cooling unit is 4,000 sq. ft. and runs between 40-60 degrees Fahrenheit. The cooling unit can hold approximately 200 standard pallets, and the temperature can be adjusted to meet exact customer specifications.

Photos of the new racking system and cooling unit can be seen below.

chicago warehouse

Chicago Warehouse Facts:

  • Over 190,000 square feet of storage and fulfillment space located within miles of O’Hare airport
  • Centrally located to reach a major portion of the U.S. population within one or two days.
  • Secured facilities with monitored cameras and alarms
  • Open space and 32′ high ceilings with over 20 loading docks
  • State-of-the-art racking system
  • Temperature-controlled cooler unit adjustable to customer specifications
  • Dedicated warehousing and distribution specialists
  • Properly licensed to handle the warehousing, distribution, and fulfillment of all alcohol products.
  • Inventory control and warehouse management system (WMS)
  • Complete pick, pack, and ship services with Logistics Plus Fulfillment Solutions
  • Logistics services are available for all import/export and domestic transportation needs