Logistics Plus Indonesia Continues to Deliver MRI Equipment

indonesia logistics for MRI machines

(Photos from a recent delivery)

The Logistics Plus (LP) Indonesia team continues to deliver MRI equipment and accessories for an industry-leading healthcare manufacturer. The team recently transported three MRI machines and will handle another two units by the end of this year. The ongoing project includes staging the MRI machines at our warehouse upon arrival from the factory, delivering them to a designated hospital using our air ride truck, unloading the machines, and moving them to specific rooms for installation.

(Side note: only five companies in Indonesia own air ride trucks, one of them being Logistics Plus)

The LP Indonesia team must follow a strict schedule for this project so that normal hospital activities aren’t interrupted. This mainly involves working through the night or on specific days when the hospital is not as crowded. Logistics Plus Indonesia President Director Wahyu Jatmiko commented on the project. “I’m so proud of how hard our team has worked on this project. We have a lot of experience handling these large machines, and I think it shows.”

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