Logistics Plus Memorial Forest in the Bergama Region of Turkey

Logistics Plus Turkey is proud to announce that they have planted 10,000 pine bushes in the Bergama, Kinik region of Turkey, creating the ‘Logistics Plus Memorial Forest.’  To learn more about the project, watch the video below or on the Logistics Plus YouTube Channel.

Logistics Plus received the following letter from the Aegean Forest Foundation:

The Aegean Forest Foundation, which was established in 1995; offers projects, practices, and trainings for the creation and sustainability of new forest areas, forest fires, land degradation, desertification, floodplain improvement, climate change, protection of biodiversity, rural development, adaptation of low carbon emission technologies, renewable energy, and energy efficiency working to raise awareness.

Our foundation carries out its forestation activities within the framework of the protocols it signed with the Ministry of Forestry. In 26 years, we have enabled nearly 12 million saplings to become trees and mix with the forest on an area of ​​75 thousand decares.

The saplings we planted when we were founded, the size of a pencil, have turned into trees today and mixed with the forests. This painting is our pride.

You created the “LOGISTICS PLUS MEMORIAL FOREST” by donating 10 thousand saplings to our İzmir Kırkgeçit afforestation project, where 50 thousand saplings were planted on 35 hectares of land.

Thank you for the support you give to our forests, which is the greatest legacy we can leave to future generations.