Turkey – Izmir

Izmir, TR is home to a Logistics Plus® office! We provide complete logistics and supply chain management.

Izmir is a large metropolis city in Turkey.

İzmir’s metropolitan area extends along the outlying waters of the Gulf of İzmir and inland to the north across Gediz River’s delta, to the east along an alluvial plain created by several small streams, and to slightly more rugged terrain in the south. The ancient city was known as Smyrna, and the city was generally referred to as Smyrna in English, until the Turkish Postal Service Law of 28 March 1930 made “İzmir” the internationally recognized name. Izmir is also home to a Logistics Plus office where we proudly serve both small and large businesses throughout the region.

Whether it is working as your 3PL or 4PL partner, our solutions include transportation, warehousing, fulfillment, logistics, business intelligence, technology, and unique supply chain solutions.

Contact our team at izmir@logisticsplus.com or quotes@logisticsplus.com.  



Logistics Plus, Inc. (Izmir, Turkey)
1456 Sokak Emin Onal IS Merkezi
No: 17 Kat: 2 Daire: 2
Alsancak 35220, Izmir, Turkey


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