Logistics Plus Poland Latest Projects – July 2023

LP Poland LogoThe Logistics Plus (LP) Poland project cargo team continues to support and manage projects across Poland and nearby countries. Here are three of the most recent projects handled by LP Poland.

1) Cylinder & Accessories

The Logistics Plus Poland team managed a complex project involving a cylinder and accessories from Västerås, Sweden, to Wieluń, Poland. The cylinder measured 571 x 276 x 268 cm (L x W x H), and the largest piece of cargo weighed nearly 90 tons. As a part of the 4-week preparation process, several detailed studies were completed to ensure the bridges and roads in the route could accommodate the weight and dimensions of the shipment. A multi-axle trailer was used to transport the oversized cargo to meet all the requirements.

Poland cyclinder project


2) Baltic Hub Spools

The Logistics Plus Poland team completed the delivery of two spools of racetrack reels (open steel ellipse) from Rogowiec to Gdańsk. The spools measured 500 x 215 x 380 cm (L x W x H) and weighed 88 tons. Upon arrival, the spools were loaded directly onto a ship. The transport of another two units is currently in progress.

Spools Poland project


3) Reloading Compressors & Engines

The Logistics Plus Poland team continues to support Ukraine’s rebuilding efforts. This time, the LP Poland team organized the transportation of compressors and engines from Poland to Ukraine. This project involved discharging the cargo, container releases, drayage, cargo unloading at the warehouse, and customs clearance.

compressor project logistics plus poland