Logistics Plus Poland March 2024 Projects

LP Poland LogoThe Logistics Plus (LP) Poland team continues to support and manage projects across Poland and nearby countries. Here are the most recent projects handled by LP Poland in March 2024.

1) MR Skid

An MR skid measuring 6.75 x 3.96 x 4.15m was transported from Gdańsk, Poland, to Luttelgeest, Netherlands. In addition to the skid, a filling station, export module, bog module, and bog pre-heater were also successfully delivered.

2) Vans & Ambulances

Logistics Plus Poland successfully arranged the transportation of 20 vans and ambulances from the United States to Kyiv, Ukraine.

3) Machines & Tools

LP Poland delivered machines and tools for working on hot glass. The cargo was transported from Haryana, India, to Kyiv, Ukraine.

4) Chloroform

The Logistics Plus Poland team successfully transported chloroform IMO from China to Ukraine.

5) Steel Reels

The LP Poland team continued to deliver steel reels (500L x 215W x 380H cm) from Rogowiec, Poland, to Gdańsk, Poland.

Photos from these projects can be seen below. To learn more about Logistics Plus Poland, please visit pl.logisticsplus.com.

March 2024 poland projects