The Power of MyLogisticsPlus!

The world keeps changing. You need world-class technology to keep up with your business’s growing demands. MyLogisticsPlus™ is a powerful, custom-built portal personalized to meet all your integration, order processing, transportation management, invoicing, and reporting requirements.

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MyLogisticsPlus™ can be implemented as a stand-alone TMS, an integrated supply chain management application, or part of a dedicated global supply chain control tower program. It is totally secure with multi-factor authentication login control. MyLogisticsPlus™ has multi-modal capabilities, including parcel, LTL, truckload, and international freight forwarding, with dashboard reports to deeply analyze macro trends or to drill down into detailed data. All features and modules are permission-controlled, and users have access to only what they need.

The power of MyLogisticsPlus™ is the Orders Dashboard. Through integration, we bring all your orders from your ERP or WMS into a powerful dashboard view. From here, you can immediately ship orders as parcel, LTL, truckload, or international. Consolidate orders or set up milk runs where needed for greater efficiency. And Logistics Plus specialists are always just a click away to provide expertise and support. When you ship parcel, we connect via API to all of your carriers and accounts. So that you can see all of your carriers and service options to make the optimal selections. We also connect to all your LTL and truckload carriers and contracts, or contracts negotiated by Logistics Plus if they offer greater savings. Again, so that you can see all of your carriers and service options to make the optimal choices. Shipments created are API-tendered directly to carriers and then immediately made available for tracking. Get detailed tracking for your international shipments. And for all of your domestic shipments.

All invoices are consolidated into another powerful dashboard view where they can be reviewed, assigned proper GL codes, and authorized for payment. Invoices can even be paid directly from within the system. Specific invoice details are always just a click away. And all related documents, such as bills of lading, waybills, and proofs of delivery, are also readily available.

MyLogisticsPlus™ also has powerful business intelligence tools integrated providing valuable insights into shipment trends by mode… Carrier performance metrics … Transportation cost trends … Inventory status … Product rollouts … And even weather impacts. Ready to learn more?

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