Logistics Plus Poland Recent Projects

The Logistics Plus (LP) Poland project cargo team has been busy since the start of the year, completing several projects across the country. Listed below (and highlighted in the video) are some of the most recent projects handled by LP Poland.

  • LP Poland transported a module with dimensions of 30m x 4.55m x 4.60m that weighed 65 tons. The module was transported through Scandinavia to the South of Italy. The permit process took four weeks due to the oversized dimensions, and the team battled unfavorable weather conditions during the move.
  • LP Poland teamed up with Drewes Logistics BV to transport two presses from Belgium to Poland. The max weight of a single unit was 58 tons.
  • LP Poland transported three over-dimensional roll trailers from Poland to Mexico. The team arranged the road transportation, permits and escorts, re-loading in Hamburg, and then ocean transport to Altamira, Mexico.
  • LP Poland transported an oversized skid (4.55m tall) from Poland to Denmark. Due to the local height limitations, some of the road sections weren’t suitable for the height of the cargo. This forced the team to take a different route through a backroad with a police escort. The shipment reached the job site within three nights.

You can see some of the photos from these recent projects in the video below or on the Logistics Plus YouTube Channel.