Logistics Plus Receives Annual Approval for TSA Security Program


Logistics Plus Receives Annual Approval for TSA Security Program

It is the 11th straight year that Logistics Plus has received TSA approval as an Indirect Air Carrier.

Indirect Air Carrier Standard Security Program (IACSSP) imageERIE, PA (February 10, 2021) – Logistics Plus Inc. (LP), a leading worldwide provider of transportation, logistics, and supply chain solutions, is pleased to share that it has once again received approval from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Transportation Security Administration (TSA) to operate under the terms and conditions of TSA’s Indirect Air Carrier Standard Security Program (IACSSP) from February 9, 2021, until March 11, 2022.  It is the eleventh consecutive year that LP has received TSA approval as an Indirect Air Carrier (IAC).

According to TSA, an IAC is any person or entity within the United States, not in possession of a Federal Aviation Administration air carrier operating certificate, which undertakes to engage indirectly in air transportation of property and uses for all or any part of such transportation the services of an air carrier.  Under the IACSSP, each IAC must adopt and carry out requirements as mandated under the U.S. Code of Federal Regulations Title 49 Part 1548 (49 CFR 1548). Every IAC must apply with the TSA for annual status renewal.

“Thanks to hard work and great teamwork over the past couple of months, I am proud that our TSA team has LP again within or exceeding TSA security standards,” said Logistics Plus Compliance Department Manager Adam Mook.  “As a TSA approved IAC, our international air freight team continues to follow strict TSA requirements for loading cargo onto commercial planes, and we work with major airlines and airports to ensure the prompt and safe delivery of our customers’ shipments around the world.”

Visit https://www.tsa.gov/for-industry/cargo-screening-program for more information related to TSA air cargo security programs. Logistics Plus provides consulting services for companies seeking to become TSA approved and validated. For more information on these services, please contact Adam Mook by email at adam.mook@logisticsplus.com or call 814-464-1722.

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A 21st Century Logistics CompanyLogistics Plus Inc. is a 21st-century logistics company that provides freight transportation, Warehousing, fulfillment, global logistics, business intelligence, and supply chain management solutions through a worldwide network of talented and caring professionals. The company was founded 25 years ago in Erie, PA, by local entrepreneur Jim Berlin. Today, Logistics Plus is a highly regarded, fast-growing, and award-winning transportation and logistics company. With a Passion For Excellence™, its employees put the “plus” in logistics by doing the big things properly, plus the countless little things, that together ensure complete customer satisfaction and success.

The Logistics Plus® network includes offices, warehouses, and agents located in Erie, PA; Akron, OH; Buffalo, NY; Chicago, IL; Chino, CA; Cleveland, OH; Dallas, TX; Des Moines, IA; Detroit, MI; Fort Worth, TX; Haslet TX; Houston, TX; Laredo, TX; Lexington, NC; Los Angeles, CA; Melbourne, FL; Nashville, TN; New York, NY; Olean, NY; San Francisco, CA; Australia; Bahrain; Belgium; Canada; China; Colombia; Czech Republic; Egypt; France; Germany; India; Indonesia; Japan; Kazakhstan; Kenya; Libya; Mexico; Netherlands; Poland; Saudi Arabia; Taiwan; Turkey; UAE; Ukraine; Uganda; and United Kingdom; with additional agents around the world For more information, visit www.logisticsplus.com or follow @LogisticsPlus on Twitter.

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