Nothing Short of Amazing!


Good morning – my name is Bryan Schneider, and I am the Commanding Officer of the USS GRIDLEY (DDG 101).  I wanted to contact the company that provided the transportation for the Slewing Arm Davit (SLAD) from Michigan to Everett, Washington.

What Logistics Plus did for the GRIDLEY was nothing short of amazing!  For context, the SLAD had been the single piece of equipment keeping GRIDLEY docked at the pier until it was repaired.  My team spent over 200 man-hours trying to fix it before it was finally deemed to be unserviceable. It needed to be replaced.  Driving through the parts of the country you did, during the time you did, and encountering the weather you did really showed an unwavering commitment to your job and duty!

We are working under a time crunch to get the SLAD replaced and tested to allow GRIDLEY to get underway and do what she was built to do; fight! With all my gratitude, I want to thank you for supporting GRIDLEY to get us back out to sea and to serve and defend this country!

-CDR Bryan Schneider