Logistics Plus Saudi Arabia Delivers Boiler Tubes

boiler tubes

(Photos from this project)

The Logistics Plus (LP) Saudia Arabia team successfully delivered five open-top containers worth of boiler tubes for a large power/energy client. The boiler tubes were 11.5 meters in length, and the total tonnage of the shipment was approximately 90,000 kilograms. The tubes were picked up in Germany and delivered to a power plant in Jeddah, Saudia Arabia on a door-to-door basis.

The client’s power plant was shut down due to supply chain delays and a parts shortage. Due to these delays, the client decided to air charter the boiler tubes for time-critical delivery. The LP Saudi Arabia team handled this delivery to the client’s exact specifications to help them get the plant back up and running.

Logistics Plus Saudi Arabia Managing Director Nizam Mohammad was very pleased with how smoothly the project went. “Our team understood how crucial these boiler tubes were for our client. We used a very detailed approach to complete this project while minimizing the supply chain delays for our client. I’m very thankful for everyone involved.”

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