NMFC Changes effective August 15, 2020

NMFC-Guide-BookIn case you missed it, the Commodity Classifications Standards Board (CCSB) has published a new supplement to the National Motor Freight Classification (NMFC®). These changes became effective 8/15/2020.  Some of the notable changes are listed below (thank you for the reminder from our friends at Southeastern Freight).

Boats or Boat Sections – Athletic Goods Group

  • New items have been established for Boats, inflatable-24650 and Boats or Boat Sections-24670.
  • Items 24540, 24660, 24665, 24666, 25000 and 25230 have been canceled.

Doors, including Mirrored Doors – Building Materials, Miscellaneous, Group 

  • The density scale for Item 34265 is going from 8 subs to 10 subs with classes increasing.  Item 34265 has been amended to remove the restriction “other than rolling.”
  • Items 34400 and 34500 changed “rolling” to “roll up”.
  • Item 34330 has been canceled and moved to Item 34265.
  • Item 34267 is amended to included mirrored doors.

Boxes, fiberboard, paper, paperboard or Pulpboard, combined or not combined with other materials

  • New Item 29785 is established to incorporate many varieties of fiberboard or paperboard boxes. These will now be full-scale density items.
  • Concurrently, Items 28920, 29205, 29240, 29250, 29285 and 29400 are canceled and have been moved to item 29785.

Foodstuffs, other than Frozen

  • New items are established 72510 (Cocktail Mix), 72560 (Coconut), 73450 (Honey), 74095 (Molasses and other Syrups), 74310 (Popcorn, not popped), 74495 (Prepared Foods, such as pasta, noodles, rice, etc.) and 75400 (Vinegar).
  • Items 72190, 72780, 73200, 74250, 74820, 73480, 74300, 75150 and 75180 are canceled and have been moved to these new Items.
  • Additionally, 11 commodities have been removed from the viz listing in Item 73227 and moved to these new Items.

Broilers, Grills, Roasters or Stoves, cooking, outdoor type

  • Item 25865 is amended to provide classes predicated on density with breaks at 6 and 10 PCF.
  • Item 25860 is canceled with no further application.
  • Items 25861, 25863, 25864, 25865 and 25866 have been clarified and simplified.

Bleachers or Grandstands

  • The Grandstands Group IT-89800 is canceled.
  • New Items 89790 and 89795 have been established to apply for all types of Bleachers and Grandstands with classes based on greatest dimension and density.
  • Concurrently, Items 89803, 89805, 89810, 89813, 89816 and 89818 are canceled.

Curtain Poles or Rods

  • Item 55190 is amended to a single class of 110.

Self-reactive materials – Hazard Class 4, Division 4.1 – Chemicals Group

  • Item 46047 is established for self-reactive materials with classes predicated on whether or not the material is subject to temperature control requirements and by the self-reactive material type for the non-temperature-controlled materials.


  • Item 86310 is amended to provide classes predicated on density, with breaks at 8 and 12 pcf.  It is also amended by adding hallway and stairway gates for clarification.

Cans or Tubes, packaging, fiberboard, paper, paperboard or pulpboard

  • New item 29860 is established for Cans or Tubes, mailing or packaging with classes predicated on density with breaks at 4, 6 and 12 pcf.
  • Items 29030, 29760, 29820 and 29840 are canceled and moved to Item 29860.

Peanuts, other than raw

  • Item 141800 for Peanuts, in shell, is amended to class 85.
  • Item 141820 for Peanuts, shelled, is amended to class 70.

Pools, swimming or wading, other than in-ground pools

  • Item 17050 is amended for clarification and to provide classes predicated on density breaks at 10 and 15 pcf.

Irons, Electric

  • Item 62285 is amended for clarification and simplification, and class 125 is assigned.

Booths, paint and varnish spraying, or panels thereof

  • New item 27900 is established for Booths, painting or varnish spraying, with classes based on greatest dimension and density.
  • Items 27950, 27960 and 27970 are canceled and have been moved to new Item 27900.

Carriers or Racks, bicycle, motorcycle, motor scooter, mobility scooter or wheelchair, vehicle mounting, metal

  • New Item 164075 is established with classes based on density breaks at 8 and 12 pcf.
  • Item 164070 is canceled with reference to new Item 164075.

Burners or Burner heads, gas appliance 

  • Item 25885 is amended to provide classes predicated on density, with a single break at 9 pcf.


  • New item 82250 is established for Workbenches with classes predicated on density breaks at 6 and 10 pcf.
  • Items 79920 and 79930 are canceled.

Corrosive Materials – Hazard Class 8

  • Item 44155 is amended to assign classes predicated on the DOT-assigned Packing Group.

Cesspools and Floor Drains

  • New item 51130 is established for Floor Drains with classes based on a density break at 12 pcf.
  • Item 50810 is canceled.

Blackboards or Chalkboards, NOI; Corkboards or Tackboards or Whiteboards, Dry Erase Boards or Markerboards

  • Item 23701 is amended to specify additional packaging requirements only.

Pesticides, NOI

  • Item 155050 is amended to remove the “bomb burst” symbol, add language further restricting the item’s application to materials not required by the DOT to bear a Hazard Class or Hazard Division label.

Obsolete Items

  • Filler, arm rest , Item 18700 is canceled.
  • Forms, arm rest, Item 18720 is canceled.

Additional detail is included in the Supplement 2 to NMF 100-AT bulletin.