Recent Cargo Projects Managed by Logistics Plus Turkey

logistics plus turkeyProject cargo requires precise engineering and planning for the safe transportation of over-sized and over-dimensional cargo. This was especially the case over the last month as the Logistics Plus Turkey team completed deliveries of 14 transformers to the Middle East, two locomotives to Finland, and a full charter to Egypt. Bahadir Erdil, Global Projects Director for Logistics Plus, said, “Our project cargo team continues to impress and find unique solutions that meet our client’s needs. We can’t wait to see what challenges come our way in 2021.”

These recent projects didn’t come without obstacles, however. The LP Turkey team completed mandatory assessments to verify the cargo’s weight and dimensions, completed surveys of local roads while mapping out alternate routes, and experienced sudden weather changes while transporting the cargo. “We treat each project differently,” added Bahadir.  “There is never a one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to these massive projects.”

Photos of these projects can be seen below.

Recent Cargo Projects Managed by Logistics Plus Turkey Long-White-Spacer

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