Recent Project Cargo & Break Bulk Examples

project cargo & break bulkThe Logistics Plus Project Cargo & break bulk team has shown no signs of slowing down the past several months. Over the past few months, our cargo experts have managed projects in various industries, including oil and gas, wind power, engineering, construction, and solar. We’ve transported gas tanks, generators, windmills, locomotives, transformers, and more to locations worldwide.

  • Logistics Plus Turkey delivered drying towers (2,410 freight tons)
  • Logistics Plus Houston handled a 30 unit project from China
  • Logistics Plus transported 6 gas tanks (3,735 freight tons)
  • Logistics Plus India completed a windmill tower project
  • Logistics Plus delivered reactors to an installation site
  • Logistics Plus Turkey handled 5 full charters to Egypt
  • Logistics Plus delivered bioreactors to Belgium
  • Logistics Plus transported 2 locomotives to Finland (the fourth and final batch)

You can see pictures from some of these recent projects in the video below or on the Logistics Plus YouTube Channel.

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