The Dan Lynch Batting Cages at the Erie Sports Center

Logistics Plus proudly donated a plaque to the Erie Sports Center to honor and remember our good friend, Dan Lynch.  We want to thank Troy Bingham (Owner of Erie Sports Center) for the opportunity, Jason Mumford (Artist) for the design, and Dan Zack and Doug Berlin (friends of Logistics Plus) for their input.

For those who didn’t know Dan Lynch, Logistics Plus Founder & CEO Jim Berlin shared the message below about what Dan meant to him and the company.

“Dan was the guy who gave LP our start by giving Fred, Bonnie, and myself the opportunity at GE way back in 1996 when he was GE Transportation’s Traffic Manager.  Since Dan was a big baseball fan and an Erie guy who always looked to better his community, we thought this plaque was a small yet fitting way to honor him.  Dan was a wonderful guy and friend who knew every zip code in America, every carrier and trucking company, and even how many miles a route was without looking it up.  Encyclopedic knowledge.  A trucking Google before Google 😀.  And more importantly, Dan was also the guy who gave us our small start–a one-year purchase order that has led to who/where we are today.  I know he’d be proud.  Without Dan, there is no Logistics Plus.  So, in a very meaningful way, he has impacted ALL of our lives.  So, here’s to Dan.  Greatly missed.  But never forgotten!” – JB

Dan Lynch batting cages