Tim Annett Completes the Break the Cycle 200 Bike Ride

Tim Annett, President and CEO of WorldWide Logistics (a long-time Logistics Plus partner), completed the Break The Cycle 200 (BTC200) bike ride. The BTC200 is a 200-mile bike ride through the state of Iowa that helps create awareness and raise funds to help those caught in the horrible reality of human trafficking. Each participant must raise a minimum of $500 before the journey, and Logistics Plus proudly donated to support Tim’s adventure.

Tim showed his appreciation to all of his donors in the email received below:

“I am so humbled by all of your prayers, love, and support during the Stop the Traffic 200 ride. It was not an easy day for me. I had a lot of pain in my lower neck and shoulder blade area at about mile 40. Of course, that was not going to slow us down! Had torrential rains after lunch for over an hour. Never ridden in horizontal rain and wind with a tailwind pushing us to 28 MPH on 2 lane roads! Some may consider that a little crazy; I called it a good cleansing!!! Anyways, your donations…I really don’t have the words other than to thank you from the bottom of my heart. Never in my life did I think we could generate $10,000 for such a wonderful cause. Know this; your contributions are going to help some kids that currently have a miserable life. Hopefully, with God’s love and hope, we can find them all and give them a second chance. You guys are the best, and I’m so thankful to have you in my life. God bless!!”

Logistics Plus would like to send a huge congratulations to Tim! Photos from the ride can be seen below.

BTC200 bike ride


What is Break The Cycle 200?
Break The Cycle 200 (BTC 200) uses two hundred-mile bike rides, run relays, and other endurance events to create awareness and raise funds to help those caught in the horrible reality of human trafficking in the U.S. and around the World. The problem is global with 40+ mil entrapped in modern forms of slavery, including sex slavery.  In the US, a child is exploited for sex trafficking every 2 min (US Department of Justice). It’s around the world and in our backyard. Our participants are signing up to join the fight against modern slavery by giving voice to the issue and raising funds that help rescue and restore real victims in the US and worldwide.

200 Miles // One Purpose // End Modern Slavery