4 LTL Shipping Tips For Efficiency and Cost Effectiveness

Less than truckload (LTL) shipping can be expensive and difficult if it’s not done efficiently. It’s important to understand the different ways you can save on LTL shipping in order to better manage your transportation expenses and maintain good relationships with your carriers. Here are four (4) tips to become more efficient and cost-effective with LTL shipping:

  • Use Proper Packaging
    • If a shipment is not properly packaged, you might be paying for extra shipping space you don’t really need. Also, an improperly packed shipment increases the risk of damages that may occur with the handling of your product. Its always important to recognize, and plan for, the things can go wrong, such as someone dropping your package. Furthermore, if you have a well-packaged shipment that is difficult to damage, it may save you the time of filing a tedious freight claim.
  • Consolidate Units When Possible 
    • It is much easier for a carrier to handle one pallet that contains multiple units rather than handling a bunch of individual units. Not only does it make it easier for shipping purposes, but having one pallet with multiple units greatly decreases the risk of damages compared to shipping individual items.
  • Always Report Accurate Shipping Weights and Dimemsions
    • Always accurately state the weight and dimensions of your shipment whenever you have an LTL shipment. Although the shippers are responsible for correctly stating the weight, most carriers re-weigh all shipments. If the weight isn’t stated correctly, it can lead to additional charges that ramps up costs and decreases efficiency.
  • Ensure Your Bill Of Lading Is Correct
    • More LTL carriers are enforcing bill of lading accuracy. Many carriers even require the proper freight classification and NMFC item number. An inaccurate bill of lading can cause issues for carriers, straining the shipper and carrier relationship. A great way to increase bill of lading accuracy is to implement a transportation management system (TMS) that uses automation features to decrease the amount of errors made.

Less than truckload shipping doesn’t have to be such a difficult task. Following these tips will not only save you money, it will increase your efficiency. To find out how you can save on LTL shipping, contact Logistics Plus today for assistance. Our team of LTL experts will quickly show you how we put the “plus” in Logistics Plus.