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Hardworking, Friendly, Quick


“You sent me some of the most hardworking, friendly, quick on their feet individuals that I’ve ever met in my life. If I get married one day, those 6 guys will be my groomsmen!”

A text message sent by a new LP customer regarding one of our white-glove project installation crews.

Favorite To Work With


Good afternoon! I just wanted to let you know that Yolanda Smart is one of my favorite people to work with in the shipping world. She is the most courteous individual I deal with. She’s an asset to your team!!! I have to deal with logistics groups all over this country and Yolanda is by far the best. Just wanted to give a shout-out to her. People don’t do that enough anymore.

-Steve Bohn

Always Find The Right Solution


This Logistics Plus team is amazing. Professional, timely, communicative. They work seamlessly and when troubleshooting is needed, they always find the right solution.

-Kelli McCann

Extremely Proud of Your Partnership


On behalf of everyone at Baker Hughes, we would like to take this opportunity to recognize and thank you as well as your employees for working tirelessly to maintain the supply to our manufacturing sites across the globe in these challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic.

As an essential supply chain partner to the Oil & Gas industries, we are fully committed to keeping our production lines running, to continue our delivery of essential solutions to businesses in critical infrastructure sections. We are highly appreciating your help in supplying critical parts/solutions that enable our customers to deliver products on time.

We are extremely proud of your partnership. Despite this crisis, you have never stopped pushing forward. We want you to know that Baker Hughes recognizes and appreciates what you are doing. Your efforts and dedication are key contributors to maintaining our business continuity as well as that of the Indian economy.

Thank you for your continued support.

-Stephen Hinson

Nothing Short of Amazing!


Good morning – my name is Bryan Schneider, and I am the Commanding Officer of the USS GRIDLEY (DDG 101).  I wanted to contact the company that provided the transportation for the Slewing Arm Davit (SLAD) from Michigan to Everett, Washington.

What Logistics Plus did for the GRIDLEY was nothing short of amazing!  For context, the SLAD had been the single piece of equipment keeping GRIDLEY docked at the pier until it was repaired.  My team spent over 200 man-hours trying to fix it before it was finally deemed to be unserviceable. It needed to be replaced.  Driving through the parts of the country you did, during the time you did, and encountering the weather you did really showed an unwavering commitment to your job and duty!

We are working under a time crunch to get the SLAD replaced and tested to allow GRIDLEY to get underway and do what she was built to do; fight! With all my gratitude, I want to thank you for supporting GRIDLEY to get us back out to sea and to serve and defend this country!

-CDR Bryan Schneider

This is the future!


Hi Jamey, this is the future!! 1 report instead of multiple sheets….and only 50 years after they put a man on the moon! 🙂 I’m seriously impressed. It looks perfect to me and everything I need is on there. The auto-send function means that I don’t have to wonder if anything is outstanding at the end of the month. With the amount of stock that comes your way it will save me a lot of time and the planet a lot of trees!

-Steve Pearson

Nothing Short of Excellent

As a novice Amazon Seller, I hired Logistics Plus to organize shipping an FCL from Shenzhen China to Dallas TX. The service has been nothing short of excellent from start to finish. The container was unloaded at the Logistics Plus warehouse where products had to be sorted & repalletized for Amazon. My contact (Mr. Wilson Amaral) answered my questions promptly and courteously; nothing was too much trouble. Wilson kept me fully informed at every stage of the process. Everything proceeded like clockwork and my products were accepted at Amazon without a glitch. I’ll be employing Logistics Plus for my next shipment and I can thoroughly recommend them to anybody wishing to ship goods around the world.

-John Flynn


Giving Special Love to this Shipment


I want to express my appreciation to your team for their support for a Mexico shipment for a list of machines and fixtures that were delivered today.

Special thanks to Francisco Tijerina and his team member Cynthia Garza! My coworker initiated this shipment in May 2019 but till May 2020 we had no success bringing the shipment up to (our Illinois location). Our operation has started experiencing downtime without these machines. This shipment involved some old purchases (5 years ago) out of a Mexico factory as well as some fixtures exported from the US to Mexico back then. Due to the long history, it was unclear for the vendor regarding the export documentation. Francisco took advantage of his expertise on Customs clearance for Mexico and the US. He took initiative on this subject and discussed it with the vendor and Logistics Plus’ internal team with the intention to save (our company) cost. Without his effort, (our company) could have paid an additional cost of $3,600 and other minimal charges. Cynthia has been giving special love to this shipment and monitored the whole process very closely making sure nothing falls short. Most importantly, this shipment has arrived at (our Illinois location) this afternoon.

This shipment is the first batch of a larger list. I will keep Logistics Plus in mind for the remaining items on the list as well as future international shipments.

Thanks again.

Project Manager – Strategic Sourcing

Able To Feel Confident


We were having quite a challenge finding a vendor who could fulfill our PPE needs quickly. Fortunately Logistics Plus was suggested. Logistics Plus has been able to fulfill our orders quickly and accurately. We also appreciate the flexibility they have. It’s a great feeling to know that we have our PPE vendor identified. We are able to feel confident knowing we have the ability to be responsive to our community’s PPE needs. Thank you Logistics Plus!

-Lisa Bonie, Executive Director

An Amazing Support


Dear the Logistics Plus COVID-19 Response team,

We’re so grateful for your generous provision of masks for us to distribute to the homeless through our Bishop’s Breakfast program. Logistics Plus has been an amazing support during this pandemic, and this is just one more example. Because of this gift, the homeless population will have more protection from COVID-19. We appreciate your kindness in providing these masks!

-David Gonzalez, Chief Executive Officer