Logistics Plus Introduces New, Instant Shippers Interest Cargo Insurance Options for eShipPlus

Logistics Plus is pleased to announce a new feature for its eShipPlus™ transportation management system. Beginning Monday, June 24th, Logistics Plus customers and users of eShipPlus will be able to view instant low-cost shippers’ interest cargo insurance options as part of every less-than-truckload (LTL) freight quote. It is not uncommon to find that the included carrier liability coverage is less than the actual value of the goods being shipped, so having visibility to liability limits and access to low-cost cargo insurance will provide extraordinary value to shippers (see article “Carrier Liability and Cargo Insurance – What’s the Difference?“).

To see the new shippers’ interest cargo insurance options (brokered by Marsh USA), eShipPlus users will just need to provide the value of each item in their shipment when performing a quote using the Estimate LTL Rate or Rate And Schedule menu options (see box below).



eShipPlus will then include the estimated maximum carrier liability limits plus a shippers’ interest cargo quote for each available LTL carrier as part of the Rate Selection results.



  1. This is the area where the LTL carrier’s estimated maximum liability limits will be provided. The liability limit will depend upon whether you are shipping new or used goods. This is an estimate only based on the shipment weight and freight classification and is often subject to deductibles, rules, and exceptions.
  2. This is the area where the shippers’ interest insurance quote will be provided. Per industry standards, this quote covers the full value of the shipment, the transportation cost, plus 10%. Cargo insurance is not subject to a deductible and will cover the full value of the amount insured (click Detail[+] to see the footnote, value of coverage, and terms and conditions).
  3. Click [+] next to the total quote amount to see line item details, including the new shippers’ interest insurance option included in your freight quote.

As always, current, new, or prospective eShipPlus customers and users that have questions regarding carrier liability limits or cargo insurance can contact the Logistics Plus North American Division (NAD) freight experts at nadops@logisticsplus.com or complete our online Contact Us form by clicking the button below.