National Logistics Day Officially Honored

Pennsylvania House Resolution 395 was unanimously passed (with 200 Yea votes) officially honoring June 28th as National Logistics Day. National Logistics Day is a new annual day to recognize and appreciate the importance of the logistics industry in both our national and global economies.

Proudly representing Logistics Plus at the Pennsylvania State Capitol Complex were Scott Frederick, Gretchen Blough, Adam Mook, and Josh Nkomo. Representative Robert E. Merski presented the resolution with his co-sponsors, Representatives Ryan Bizzarro and Patrick Harkins, at his side.

“Successful companies share at least one important trait – they all manage to get their product to the market smoothly, efficiently and on time,” Merski said. “Regardless of the means used to store, ship and deliver goods, it’s clear our modern economy cannot function without logistics. I’m delighted the House unanimously adopted my resolution recognizing the vital role logistics plays, and I’m equally pleased that representatives of Erie-based Logistics Plus – a state-of-the art provider of logistics worldwide – could be here to see the resolution adopted.”

Bizzarro agreed, saying, “Companies like Logistics Plus play a key role, not only in helping businesses throughout the world efficiently deliver their products, but in keeping our regional economy thriving. We’re so glad to support the efforts of this key area employer as it works to champion the cause of recognizing ‘National Logistics Day.”

Harkins said that he understands from personal experience the importance of efficient delivery of goods. “While working as a driver for United Parcel Service for 25 years, I came to understand the vital importance of coordinated, efficient delivery of goods and the impact its success or failure can have – not just on a company but on its consumers, its employees, their families and the entire community. I’d glad to see the importance of logistics recognized today.”

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Watch below as Representative Merski officially declares June 28th National Logistics Day! (and read the official PA House announcement)