LP Aero Completes Charter Project

LP Aero Completes Charter Project

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The Logistics Plus (LP) Aero team completed an air charter project from the U.S. (Chicago and New York) to Tel Aviv, Israel. The cargo was 164 computer cabinets (built for servers) with a total payload of 56,000 kilograms.

air charter project

The Logistics Plus team handled the trucking from the client’s facilities to a Logistics Plus warehouse where the cargo was crated for airfreight. The cargo was then transported from the warehouse to Chicago (ORD) and New York (JFK) airports, where it was loaded onto a B747F aircraft for the charter flight to Tel Aviv. Upon arrival, Logistics Plus transported the cargo to the consignee’s facilities.

The project was successfully completed in accordance with the client’s timeline. LP Aero’s Global Director of Air Chartering, Andriy Blagovisniy, commented on this project, “This charter was a great example of the efficient teamwork of LP offices in the US and UK. No matter how complex the project, our teams are committed to finding the best solution tailored to the needs of our customers.”

Photos from this project can be seen below. To learn more about Logistics Plus Air Charter solutions, please visit logisticsplus.com/lpaero.


LP Aero Welcomes Michael Goodisman to the Team

LP Aero Welcomes Michael Goodisman to the Team

LP Aero - Michael GoodismanIn August 2023, Logistics Plus announced the opening of LP Aero Ltd. – a London-based entity created to enhance the company’s global air charter offerings. After nearly six months of operations, LP Aero welcomes Michael Goodisman as the Business Development Director of Air Chartering. With over 20 years of experience delivering project cargo worldwide, Michael brings outstanding skills and knowledge to LP Aero’s service offerings.

Michael is a recognized professional in air chartering for oversized and heavy cargo projects, government operations, aerospace, oil & gas, and power generation industries. He holds BSc and DPhil degrees in aeronautical engineering, which also helps provide effective technical solutions to some of the most challenging air cargo requirements.

“With over 20 years of experience delivering project cargo worldwide, Michael brings his outstanding skills and experience to our service offerings,” said Andriy Blagovisniy, Global Director of Air Chartering of LP Aero. “We work closely with the Logistics Plus network to ensure the best logistic solutions are provided to all customers and sectors.”

Visit logisticsplus.com/lpaero to learn more about Logistics Plus air charter solutions.


Logistics Plus Team Visits O’Hare International Airport

Logistics Plus Team Visits O’Hare International Airport

A small group of Logistics Plus employees recently visited O’Hare International Airport in Chicago to monitor the unloading of aircraft containing freight for one of our customers. The LP Team also received a tour of the facility and the airline’s import/export processes. Andrew Grizzales and Mike Pytlik from the LP Chicago Warehouse and Aaron Bisbee, Brian Matson, and Ryan Crotty from LP Erie were in attendance.

LP Team at ORD

Pictured above, L to R, are Aaron Bisbee, Andrew Grizzales, Mike Pytlik, Brian Matson, and Ryan Crotty.

OOG and AOG for Air Cargo Shipping

OOG and AOG for Air Cargo Shipping

What do OOG and AOG mean when it comes to air cargo shipping?

Explaining OOG and AOG as it relates to Air Cargo ShippingOOG stands for Out of Gauge. It refers to cargo that is too large or too heavy to fit in a standard 20- or 40-foot cargo container. OOG cargo may also have irregular shapes or dimensions that make it difficult to transport.

AOG stands for Aircraft on Ground. It refers to an aircraft that is unable to fly due to a mechanical problem. AOG cargo is any part or equipment that is needed to repair an aircraft that is on the ground.

OOG and AOG cargo are both considered to be urgent shipments, and they require special handling and transportation arrangements. OOG cargo may need to be palletized or crated to fit in the aircraft, and it may also need to be accompanied by a special loading permit. AOG cargo may need to be transported on a charter flight or a priority basis.

The cost of shipping OOG and AOG cargo is typically higher than the cost of shipping standard cargo. This is because of the specialized handling and transportation requirements. However, the cost of shipping OOG and AOG cargo is often outweighed by the cost of lost production or revenue if the aircraft is unable to fly.

OOG Cargo Services flyer2

Click to view this PDF flyer.

Here are some examples of OOG cargo:

  • Large machinery parts
  • Heavy equipment
  • Oversized vehicles
  • Construction materials
  • Industrial components

Here are some examples of AOG cargo:

  • Engine parts
  • Landing gear components
  • Avionics equipment
  • Hydraulic systems
  • Electrical components

If you need to ship OOG or AOG cargo, it is important to work with a reputable global freight forwarder, like Logistics Plus, who has experience in handling these types of shipments. The freight forwarder will be able to help you get the cargo to its destination safely and on time.

Download our OOG Cargo Services flyer or Contact Us for more information.



The Transport & Loading of a Solar Turbine Generator

The Transport & Loading of a Solar Turbine Generator

solar turbine loadingThe Logistics Plus International (LPI) team supported the transport and loading of a solar turbine power generation station for a client in Malaysia. The cargo was transported from Southern California to be loaded on an Antonov AN-124 at San Bernardino International Airport. The Logistics Plus team was assisted by our rigging and crane partner, Reliable Crane.

The power station’s main components were comprised of the following:

  • Turbine- 16 tons
  • Pumping station- 35 tons
  • Gearbox- 8 tons
  • Supporting cargo- 10 tons

Logistics Plus employees Emily Grein, Stacy Rabat, and Michael Scally were on-site for the loading. This shipment was another demonstration of the combined efforts of the Logistics Plus Air Exports and Project teams resulting in a perfectly planned and executed shipment.

View pictures of this project by clicking through the photo album below or by visiting the Logistics Plus Flickr Page.

Antonov Loading -July 2023