Compliance-Team-BannerIt goes without saying that there are many regulations around importing and exporting – complex regulations. We have licensed and experienced consultants who can help simplify the complexity of those regulations and provide procedures to keep your company in compliance. In fact, when you work with Logistics Plus, it’s like having your very own Global Trade Compliance Department.

  • Are you looking to expand your import and / or export operations, and aren’t sure of the regulations you need to follow?
  • Have you received Notices of Action on your imports or penalties on your export filings?
  • Are your customers asking you to complete free trade agreement paperwork, but you’re unsure of what to do?
  • Do you have the knowledge and expertise necessary to keep your company in compliance with import and export regulations?

At Logistics Plus, Adam Mook, global trade compliance department manager, and Gretchen Blough, a licensed customs broker, are part of a global team of 25+ professionals who ensure that everything coming into or going out of the country does so legally and in compliance with all of the various international laws and customs regulations that govern the shipment of goods. “There’s basically two ways to look at it,” says Adam. “If a U.S. company is exporting its product from here to say, Indonesia, they may be able to handle the function of getting out of the United States, but they often don’t think about all the documentation requirements, packaging or labeling of the products for the import process in the country they’re shipping to. That’s where we come in and help, not just in getting it out of the U.S. side, but we also tell them how to prepare their product in order to get it into the country and to clear customs.”

No matter the origin or destination of your goods, we help you gain the knowledge to perform the due diligence necessary to ensure your shipments meet international regulations. Easily define your needs, contain costs, and minimize your risk when you work with our experiences, licensed customs brokers. Our customs specialists help you comply with existing government regulations and stay ahead of changing customs compliance laws to reduce your risk, eliminate errors, and lower your costs.

  • Compliance Management
  • Import / Export Compliance Manuals
  • NAFTA and Free Trade Agreement Qualifications
  • Classification (HTS, Schedule B, ECCN)
  • Freight Bill Audits
  • Import / Export Audits
  • Customs Brokerage
  • In-house Compliance Training
  • On-Site Compliance Management Teams
  • Letter of Credit Contract Review and Consulting

If you’re interested in having Logistics Plus be your Global Trade Compliance Department for any of the services listed above, please contact us or reach out directly to Adam or Gretchen to get started.

Adam Mook, Global Trade Compliance Manager
Call 814.464.1722 or email

Gretchen Blough, Licensed Customs Broker
Call 814.461.7630 or email