Top 10 Ways To Use Business Intelligence Tools to Manage Logistics

business intelligence toolsTechnology and analytics are playing an increasingly larger role in business management. Having user-friendly business intelligence tools (BI) that help you manage your logistics activities is also becoming important. Logistics Plus provides its clients with end-to-end supply chain visibility using interactive dashboards, predictive analytics, custom reporting, shipment tracking and tracing, freight invoicing, and global control tower capabilities.

As highlighted in the short video shown below, here are the Top 10 Ways Logistics Plus business intelligence tools can help you manage your logistics:

  1. Freight transportation costs and carrier trends
  2. International forwarding modes, costs, and trends
  3. Carrier performance metrics
  4. Freight invoice accuracy and disputes
  5. Lane and mode analysis
  6. Vendor shipping compliance
  7. Warehousing stock and inventory trends
  8. Pool distributions and product roll-out measurements
  9. Social media and marketing performance metrics
  10. Weather alerts, and more