Logistics Plus Miami Warehouse Receives Alcohol License

Logistics Plus Miami Warehouse Receives Alcohol License

LP Spirits LP WarehouseLogistics Plus (LP) is pleased to announce that the Florida Department of Business & Professional Regulation (Florida DBPR) has granted a license to its Miami, Florida warehouse for the public storage of alcoholic beverages and spirits.

Within the past year, a new company division, called LP Spirits™, has focused on growing the company’s alcohol and spirits warehousing and logistics needs. The Miami warehouse joins the Logistics Plus Chino, CA, Chicago, IL, and Erie, PA warehouses as locations that can legally store and distribute alcohol. The Logistics Plus Dayton, NJ warehouse is currently pending its license.

Logistics Plus Miami Branch Manager Oscar Cabrales is very excited about the opportunity this brings. “Alcohol and spirit warehousing and distribution can be quite tricky. I’m excited that we can join other Logistics Plus warehouses across the country by being able to offer this service. On top of warehousing the alcohol, we can provide valuable importation, compliance, and distribution solutions.”

Please contact miami@logisticsplus.com for additional information.


Logistics Plus Chino, CA Warehouse Gets New Racking System

Logistics Plus Chino, CA Warehouse Gets New Racking System

Chino, CA warehouse racking

(Logistics Plus employees Tom Kelly and Mario Lizaola stand in front of the new racking system installed at our Chino, CA warehouse)

The Logistics Plus Chino, CA warehouse recently received a new racking system thanks to Ziglift Material Handling. The 566,000 square foot warehouse had an Interlake Selective Racking System installed, capable of storing up to 12,000 pallet positions. The customized system can store extra-long pallets by utilizing a third “middle” row in each aisle rack to accommodate the unique depth of the pallets. Although the design was challenging, the Ziglift team successfully minimized the loss of pallet positions and the system’s overall footprint.

Logistics Plus Regional Director of Warehousing Tom Kelly said, “Working with the Ziglift team couldn’t have been easier. Their team executed our racking project to our exact needs and opened up much-needed pallet positions. I’d recommend anyone in need of warehouse racking to look no further. They are tremendous partners and friends to Logistics Plus.”

About Ziglift Material Handling
Since its founding in 2001, Ziglift has provided fully integrated warehouse storage solutions to its customers across the nation. Through high-volume purchasing and procured distribution channels, its extensive catalog of equipment and material handling solutions continues to grow. As one of the leading buyers of new & used racking, its large inventory allows it to offer exceptionally lower lead times, and its volume pricing makes it even more affordable to get the storage system that is right for its customers. Find them online at www.ziglift.com.

Logistics Plus Named a 2022 Top 3PL by Multichannel Merchant

Logistics Plus Named a 2022 Top 3PL by Multichannel Merchant


Logistics Plus Named a 2022 Top 3PL by Multichannel Merchant

It’s the fifth consecutive year that Logistics Plus has been named to the list.

2022 Top 3PL MCMERIE, PA (December 21, 2021) – Logistics Plus Inc. (LP), a leading worldwide provider of transportation, logistics, and supply chain solutions, is proud to announce it has been named a Multichannel Merchant (MCM) Top 3PL for a fifth straight year. Logistics Plus will be joining dozens of other leading third-party logistics providers selected by Multichannel Merchant in its seventh annual directory.

Choosing the right 3PL for your business can lead to lower cost per order, smoother scaling, lowered shipping costs, easier distribution of international orders, and so much more. After receiving hundreds of entries, MCM editors did the research and have unveiled the 3PLs who have come out on top for the new year ahead.

Logistics Plus Warehouse Photo“As a top 3PL provider, Logistics Plus offers turnkey warehousing and fulfillment solutions for both new and established merchants. It’s one of our fastest-growing service segments,” said Danny Yunes, director of global operations and strategy. “With over three million square feet in the U.S. and another five million abroad, we support complete omnichannel fulfillment solutions, including Amazon, FBA and FBM, retail marketplaces, and direct-to-consumer channels.”

View the Logistics Plus MCM Top 3PL listing here: https://multichannelmerchant.com/event/top-third-party-logistics-services/?oly_enc_id=&id=154587

Danny Yunes Audio

Danny Yunes Audio Clip1

Danny Yunes Audio2

Danny Yunes Audio Clip2


About Multichannel Merchant

Multichannel Merchant reaches key decision makers responsible for e-commerce, management, marketing, and operations at companies that sell merchandise through multiple channels — including e-commerce, mobile, social, and catalog. Multichannel Merchant delivers original research, as well as in-depth analysis of trends and best practices, news, tactical/how-to, executive summaries, technology and supplier comparisons, tip sheets, and resource information to help companies sell & deliver products wherever and whenever the customer wants them – at home, work, store or other locations. Visit them online at multichannelmerchant.com.

About Logistics Plus Inc.

A 21st Century Logistics CompanyLogistics Plus Inc. is a 21st-century logistics company that provides freight transportation, Warehousing, fulfillment, global logistics, business intelligence, and supply chain management solutions through a worldwide network of talented and caring professionals. The company was founded 25 years ago in Erie, PA, by local entrepreneur Jim Berlin. Today, Logistics Plus is a highly regarded, fast-growing, and award-winning transportation and logistics company. With its trademark Passion For Excellence™, Logistics Plus employees put the “plus” in logistics by doing the big things properly, plus the countless little things that together ensure complete customer satisfaction and success.

The Logistics Plus® network includes offices, warehouses, and agents located in Erie, PA; Aurora, CO; Buffalo, NY; Chicago, IL; Chino, CA; Cincinnati, OH; Cleveland, OH; Dallas, TX; Dayton, NJ; Des Moines, IA; Fort Worth, TX; Haslet TX; Houston, TX; Laredo, TX; Lexington, NC; Los Angeles, CA; Melbourne, FL; Miami, FL; New York, NY; Olean, NY; San Francisco, CA; Australia; Belgium; Canada; China; Colombia; Czech Republic; France; Germany; India; Indonesia; Japan; Kazakhstan; Kenya; Libya; Mexico; Netherlands; Poland; Saudi Arabia; Taiwan; Turkey; UAE; Uganda; Ukraine; and the United Kingdom; with additional agents around the world For more information, visit www.logisticsplus.com or follow @LogisticsPlus on Twitter.

Media Contact:
Scott G. Frederick
Vice President, Marketing
Logistics Plus Inc.
(814) 240-6881

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LP Chicago Warehouse Last-Minute Charter Project

LP Chicago Warehouse Last-Minute Charter Project

The Logistics Plus Chicago warehouse team completed a last-minute charter project over the weekend for one of our freight forwarding clients. On Thursday, September 23rd, our team received a call to see if we could accommodate and receive an inbound charter of 38 airline pallets. The pallets were floor-loaded PMC’s and the client needed us to sort and segregate, palletize, shrink wrap, and have them ready for pickup by Monday morning. Like always, the Chicago team delivered and completed the project on time.

Logistics Plus Midwest Manager Christian Marz said, “We got the call, rolled up our sleeves, and got it done over the weekend. There wasn’t much else to say when we were on the phone other than ‘absolutely we can help.’ That’s the LP way.”

Pictures from this warehousing project can be seen below.

warehouse charter project



Types of Material Handling Equipment for Warehouses

Types of Material Handling Equipment for Warehouses

material handling equipment

(New material handling equipment purchased by LP)

Material handling equipment is any tool used to aid in the movement, protection, storage, and control of materials and products. Without the proper equipment and systems in place, your company is more likely to damage products or fall behind in productivity. By knowing more about material handling equipment, you can better equip your warehouse or distribution center with the proper equipment and systems for your company’s needs.

The 4 Categories of Material Handling Equipment

1) Storage and Handling Equipment
This equipment category is self-explanatory. Storage and handling equipment is used to hold materials while they aren’t being used. The material commonly stored on this type of equipment is usually waiting to enter the production cycle or waiting to be transported. Here are some of the most common pieces of storage and handling equipment:

  • Drawers, bins, and shelves: These are the most basic storage items commonly used to store smaller materials in an organized manner.
  • Racks: Racks help companies store materials in accessible locations, and they save floor space.
  • Stacking Frames: These are interlocking units that enable materials to get stacked without being crushed.

2) Bulk Handling Equipment
Bulk handling equipment refers to equipment that transports, stores, and controls bulk materials. This type of equipment is generally used to move and store materials in a loose form. Common examples of this type of equipment include:

  • Stackers: Like forklifts, stackers help lift and stack heavy loads on the dock or in the warehouse.
  • Reclaimers: These are large machines used to recover bulk materials from a stockpile.
  • Bucket elevators: These elevators (also known as grain legs) assist with hauling bulk materials vertically.
  • Silos: Silos are towers that hold materials. Materials that are typically stored in silos include grain, woodchips, coal, and sawdust.

3) Industrial Trucks
Industrial trucks are essential for warehouses and distribution centers. These powered trucks, such as forklifts, move large quantities of materials around the manufacturing floor. They are also utilized to load or unload heavy objects onto delivery trucks efficiently.

  • Hand trucks: Hand trucks (also called dollies) are a simple piece of equipment designed to give operators the leverage they need to move heavy materials to new locations.
  • Sideloaders: Sideloaders are built to fit in narrow aisles. They pick up items from different directions, making them ideal when a warehouse has aisles close together.
  • Pallet trucks: Otherwise known as forklifts, pallet trucks are machines operators use to lift heavy pallets. The forks slip under the pallet, lift it, and secure it as the operator takes it to a new location.

4) Automated Systems
Automated or engineered systems refer to automated material handling equipment made to help transport and store materials. Rather than a single piece of equipment, an automated system is generally made out of several units. Here are some examples of automated systems:

  • Conveyor systems: Automated conveyor systems carry heavy materials to specified destinations using belts, flexible chains, or live rollers. It is highly efficient equipment to move large volumes of material quickly.
  • Automated guided vehicles: These vehicles are mobile robots that follow specific markers or wires in the floor to move large materials around a manufacturing facility or warehouse. Vision, magnets, or lasers can be used as methods for AGV navigation.
  • Robotic delivery systems: Robotic delivery systems transport goods and materials around a facility. These systems usually help move goods along an assembly line.

New Material Handling Equipment Incorporated by Logistics Plus

The Logistics Plus warehouse teams are in the process of upgrading our warehouse handling equipment (as shown in the slideshow above). For example, our Chino, CA warehouse has purchased several electric forklifts as part of our environmental and sustainability initiatives. We also purchased uniquely efficient Combilifts to meet the needs of our growing solar business. These specialized lifts help us get heavy solar products on high racks within a limited space. Our Chicago, IL warehouse purchased new Aisle Master units specially designed to work in narrow aisle rack configurations.

With the help of proper material handling equipment, you can ensure your products are stored safely and appropriately. If you’re searching for a warehousing and distribution partner you can trust, contact Logistics Plus today. We have the equipment and resources needed to take your business to the next level.