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Amazon Seller Importing Solutions

Getting your product to your FBA warehouse

Logistics Plus is experienced at helping Amazon sellers with importing solutions. We have been recommended by Michael D. Marani, in his book The Amazon Sales Formula (available in e-book format on Our name also comes up frequently on social media sites and message boards (like the one hosted by – another great resource for retailers)…. Read more »

10 Keys to Successful Importing

According to a U.S. Department of Commerce report, over 185,000 U.S. companies imported foreign goods in 2012, an increase of more than 10 percent from 2009.  The majority of these businesses were small or medium-sized companies that may, in fact, lack the necessary resources to be a successful importer. If your business imports – or is… Read more »

Air Freight Forwarding versus Ocean Freight Forwarding


Logistics Plus (LP) provides logistics services within and across all national borders and using all modes of transportation. Air freight forwarding and ocean freight forwarding services come into play more often than not on international shipments. On the LP International team, Emily Grein is our lead air freight specialist and Kristen Smith is our lead… Read more »

U.S. Trade with India Continues to Grow


The United States International Trade Commission just released its updated “The Year in Trade 2014” report. The report, which covers global trade trends and activities, indicated that the value of U.S.-India two-way merchandise trade has increased 5% since 2013. In 2014, merchandise exports to India were valued at $21.6 billion. Leading U.S. exports to India included diamonds,… Read more »

6 steps to getting your product to your FBA warehouse

Getting your product to your FBA warehouse

If you’re an Amazon retailer or seller, here are 6 steps to getting your product to your FBA warehouse (Fulfillment By Amazon), according to Michael D. Marani, author of The Amazon Sales Formula (available in e-book format on Ask your supplier what the weight of each master carton is, and what the dimensions are. Ask your supplier for the exact address. Ask… Read more »

Easy Importing to Amazon Fulfillment Centers

Import to Amazon Fulfillment Center

Congratulations on creating your new retail business! You’ve set up a cool new website, you’ve found a low-cost source for your merchandise using overseas manufacturing, and you have seller accounts set up on and  Now you need to get your products into the United States and deliver them to your warehouse or fulfillment… Read more »