Logistics Plus Continues to Source and Deliver FDA-Approved PPE

Logistics Plus Continues to Source and Deliver FDA-Approved PPE

Trump-PPE-China-GIFAs widely covered in the news, U.S. authorities continue to deny regulatory approval for N95 masks and other PPE supplies from many Chinese manufacturers. This has continued to exacerbate the shortage of much-needed PPE supplies in the United States.

Logistics Plus is proud to report that it has used, and continues to use, only FDA-approved manufacturers for the PPE that it has been successfully sourcing, warehousing, and delivering to those in need in the U.S. and around the world. As shown here, one of our Chinese-based suppliers recently received first-hand inspection and approval from the Trump Administration (photos provided by the LP China office).

In fact, over the past two months, the Logistics Plus COVID-19 Response Team has delivered nearly 10 million pieces of PPE, including KN95 masks, disposable surgical masks, gloves, face shields, goggles, hand sanitizers, thermometers, and air purifiers (including a 1 million face shield order from a state procurement agency).

PPE-Products-GIFAs reported previously, we’ve even expanded our offering into two product groups:

  • Individual/consumer orders (less than $1,000) fulfilled from our NY pick, pack, and ship facility; and
  • Business/organizational orders (over $1,000) fulfilled from one of our PA commercial warehouses.

We are proud to report that we continue to have many satisfied customers as evidenced by a few of the testimonials shown below. We are so proud that we have been able to leverage our overseas/sourcing experience and our warehousing/fulfillment expertise to help ‘make a difference.’ Thank you to our heroes who require these PPE supplies to support America, and to those organizations and businesses that continue to place trust in Logistics Plus as a reliable partner.


Logistics Plus PPE Testimonials


Large Regional Health Care Provider Based in the State of Maryland
“Organizations talk about building business partnerships, Logistics Plus puts into practice everything other organizations speak of. The team is accessible, reliable, and looks out for their customers’ best intentions. When I interact with them it is like an extension of my own company. They have the expertise and the know-how to excel in these unprecedented times, hitting every deadline and milestone we agreed to along the way. They are true HealthCare Heroes!”

Regional Hospital/Medical Center
“Thank you very much. This is a really big help. You have met our PPE needs a couple of times now. We have Covid patients and provide coverage to a wide multi-county service area. While we are active, we have not been designated as a hot spot. While that is good, the air bridge, the state, and the fed does not help us out. That has resulted in us being very challenged. We will utilize you as we need and can. Don’t know how you pulled this N95 off but find some more please.”

Utility Equipment Services Company
“I know you that you transport gigantic pressurized air tanks, locomotives, and tons of other huge equipment from one part of the world to the other; but those 250 face masks, weighing only what, 2 lbs in total? Seriously, I cannot thank you all enough for delivering our state-mandated masks right on time. We were closing at 3:30 pm last Friday, and Julie made it here at 3:28, and it was snowing. We did have some other options, but the other vendors are still waiting for the masks to make their way into their own warehouses, let alone it delivered to us. Witnessing your seriousness and kindness was great too. Thank you all and best regards!”

Erie-Area Hospital
“You are a beacon light during this time. On behalf of our team of caregivers, thank you for your kindness. Wishing you well with gratitude.”

Local Non-Profit
“I would like to thank everyone at Logistics Plus for the two cases of surgical masks. As stated in previous communications, those masks will be distributed to our dedicated and hardworking caregivers who continue to serve individuals with disabilities in the community. Every day our caregivers provide hands-on support to consumers in need of assistance with their daily living activities. These surgical masks will offer increased safety to both our caregivers, who are providing an invaluable service throughout this pandemic and the consumers they provide services too. Logistics Plus is a valuable asset to our community, and we greatly appreciate you.”

Voicemail from a Customer
“A few weeks ago you were super getting us some masks. I was totally surprised that they got here overnight. I just wanted to call to give you a kudos and congratulations. I’m impressed with the way you handle your business to say the least. It’s refreshing in the business world today that predicates itself on promises and no deliveries.”

Pennsylvania-based Employee
“Just took delivery of 10 surgical masks from your website. Easy transaction!”

Retirement Community
“Please tell Jim that staff is starting to wear the masks that Wesbury bought from LP and they are raving about them. They are great! Tell him thank you.”


Logistics Plus Picks Up and Delivers 50,000 Masks for the City of Erie

Logistics Plus Picks Up and Delivers 50,000 Masks for the City of Erie


Logistics Plus Picks Up and Delivers 50,000 Masks for the City of Erie

The masks were donated by Erie’s sister city in Zibo, China, and airfreighted to Chicago.

LP-Covd-Team-5-1-20-GIFERIE, PA (May 1, 2020) – Logistics Plus Inc. (LP), a leading worldwide provider of transportation, logistics and supply chain solutions, is proud to share that it recently provided final pickup and delivery services for a critical order of 50 thousand surgical masks for the City of Erie. The masks were donated by Erie’s “sister city” in Zibo, China and airfreighted to Chicago’s O’Hare (ORD) Airport. From there, Logistics Plus facilitated the customs clearance and paperwork, took possession of the shipment, and then arranged complimentary transportation of the goods from Chicago to Erie.

Employees from the newly formed Logistics Plus COVID-19 Response Team safely delivered all 23 cartons of the masks to the City of Erie. The LP COVID-19 Response Team was organized by Gretchen Seth, the company’s senior vice president. Gretchen is an Erie-native, has been with Logistics Plus for over 22 years, and is – fittingly – the daughter of a local doctor.

A special press conference, with only the media in attendance, to thank Zibo, China for its generous donation and to thank Logistics Plus for its role in helping with the delivery of the shipment, was planned for today but has since been postponed for a later date out of caution and a need for social distancing.

In addition to the Erie City Hall delivery, the Logistics Plus COVID-19 Response Team, led by Julie Slomski, made stops earlier in the morning at the Erie City Mission, Second Harvest Food Bank of Northwest Pennsylvania, Orphan Angels Cat Sanctuary, The Anna Shelter and St. Martin Center to deliver money and supplies that have been collected and donated by Logistics Plus employees.

“Together we are ‘Erie Strong,’ said Jim Berlin, founder and CEO of Logistics Plus. “Helping Mayor Schember and the city get these masks from Chicago to Erie and in the hands of our front-line government workers was an easy decision. I am also proud of our employees for the donations made to the mission, food bank, and others. It feels good to donate and to do something for those in need. Truly a win-win.  And a way to be Erie Strong.”

Jim added, “I’d also like to commend Gretchen on her role running our LP COVID team. They have successfully sourced, procured, transported and delivered millions of pieces of PPE to area hospitals, first responders, nursing home, government employees, police and fire departments. In record time. When no one could find and get these, we did. A true LP as a solutions company story. It needed done and we are doing it.”

About Logistics Plus Inc.

Logistics Plus Inc. provides freight transportation, warehousing, fulfillment, global logistics, business intelligence technology, and supply chain management solutions through a worldwide network of talented and caring professionals. The company was founded over 23 years ago in Erie, PA by local entrepreneur, Jim Berlin. Today, Logistics Plus is a highly-regarded fast-growing and award-winning transportation and logistics company. With a strong passion for excellence, its 450 global employees put the “plus” in logistics by doing the big things properly, and the countless little things, that together ensure complete customer satisfaction and success.

The Logistics Plus® network includes offices located in Erie, PA; Akron, OH; Baltimore, MD; Birmingham, AL; Buffalo, NY; Charleston, SC; Chicago, IL; Cleveland, OH; Dallas, TX; Des Moines, IA; Detroit, MI; Fort Worth, TX; Haslet TX; Houston, TX; Laredo, TX; Lexington, NC; Los Angeles, CA; Melbourne, FL; Nashville, TN; New York, NY; Olean, NY; Ontario, CA; San Bernardino, CA; San Diego, CA; San Francisco, CA; Tampa Bay, FL; Australia; Bahrain; Belgium; Canada; China; Colombia; Czech Republic; Egypt; France; Germany; India; Indonesia; Kazakhstan; Kenya; Libya; Mexico; Netherlands; Poland; Saudi Arabia; Singapore; Taiwan; Turkey; UAE; Ukraine; Uganda; and United Kingdom; with additional agents around the world. For more information, visit www.logisticsplus.com or follow @LogisticsPlus on Twitter.

Media Contact:
Scott G. Frederick
Vice President, Marketing
Logistics Plus Inc.
(814) 240-6881

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New ‘Ear Savers’ Added to the LP COVID-19 Online Store

New ‘Ear Savers’ Added to the LP COVID-19 Online Store

ear saversLogistics Plus is pleased to announce that it has added a new item to the LP COVID-19 online store – its newly created outlet for personal protective equipment (PPE).

Introducing the Ear Saver – a face mask accessory that takes the stress and pressure off of your ears while wearing a protective or surgical face mask!

The Ear Saver was created by Todd Keefe, a local high school teacher in Erie, Pennsylvania.

“As the COVID-19 pandemic began to unfold, I heard stories of individuals, especially those in healthcare, who came home at night with ears that were sore or even bleeding from the stress of the elastic on their face masks.” said Mr. Keefe. “Having access to 3-D printers as a technology teacher, I began printing these ear savers to relieve the pressure and help masks fit all head sizes and shapes.”

What started as donations to local hospitals and first-responders quickly took off.  Todd donated more than 15,000 ear savers across the country.  Now, with the help of Logistics Plus, production and distribution have picked up and they are available for purchase by the general public.

**Ear Savers are 3-D printed here in the United States. While most masks are disposable, the Ear Saver can be re-used.**



You can learn more about Todd’s idea by watching the video below on Erie News Now.

Erie News Now | WICU & WSEE in Erie, PA

Coordinating Air Imports of PPE Supplies at ORD

Coordinating Air Imports of PPE Supplies at ORD

Megan-Stetz-Air-Imports-ORDAs most know by now, Logistics Plus took on the challenge of sourcing, importing, and distributing much needed PPE supplies (personal protective equipment) from China to the United States. We knew there would be obstacles along the way; but thanks to great teamwork and collaboration, we are finding a way to make it happen.

Megan Stetz, an air import operations specialist for Logistics Plus International (LPI) has had her hand on the pulse of the current situation at O’Hare (ORD) airport. Here is her account of those events.

The first import of supplies consisted of 500,000 face masks packaged into 504 cartons, arriving Thursday, April 2nd. As with any new shipment, once it departs at origin, curve balls can be thrown. Shortly after the shipment departed Shanghai Pudong International Airport (PVG), we completed customs clearance – and that was a huge success. Since the shipment was arriving late in the evening at ORD, pickup was in the afternoon the next day. There was a short delay on breakdown, but nothing out of the usual for an airport pickup. On Saturday, when the shipment arrived into our warehouse, a truck was dispatched to deliver the first batch of PPE supplies to Erie. 

The second import was even more challenging. There were three orders that flew into ORD on Monday, April 6th. In total, 365 more cartons which included face shields, goggles, and KN95 masks. At this point, ORD Airport was starting to see a change in pace. Most handling agents have limited staffing due to COVID-19 regulations – not to mention general call-offs from warehouse workers that did not want to take the risk of the exposure. With staff reductions, there are less people onsite to process incoming freight, handle the paperwork, and load the line of waiting trucks outside their dock doors. Additionally, ORD itself saw a spike in cargo due to the mess at JFK Airport. JFK has been drowning in freight with no light at the end of the tunnel; so, most shipments that have Northeast destinations are now being routed through ORD to avoid JFK. The three orders we had took 42 hours to breakdown (normally would take 4-6 hours) in the warehouse before we had approval to send a driver to collect the freight. The driver had to wait onsite for roughly 6 hours before he was accepted at a dock door. Fortunately, the Logistics Plus domestic (NAD) team did some digging on driver hour regulations – which permits the carrier to be exempt of log hours if he is carrying medical supplies. So fortunately, the driver was finally loaded and able to begin his journey to back to Erie.

The third round of supplies arrived at ORD on Wednesday, April 8th – just two days after the second shipment. ORD was in even worse condition. The warehouse processing our cargo had experienced such an overwhelming amount of freight that they could not breakdown the unit load devices (ULDs) the cargo came on (these are large airline pallets that allow large quantities to be moved together as one unit). Instead, they requested that Logistics Plus collect the ULDs from their warehouse, take it to another warehouse, breakdown the ULDs into our own individual cartons (257 cartons for this order), palletize them, and return the ULDs to the airline when we were done. Once these cartons were palletized, we would arrange for final trucking to Erie.

It is insane to think ORD’s cargo intake has been so drastic that they are making customers breakdown their own freight! But, looking at the bigger picture, with the staff reductions and safety precautions, the warehouses would have a difficult time processing all this freight themselves, even on a normal day. Given that they are receiving mainly freighters and the intended JFK cargo, ORD will have many challenges ahead. Fortunately, Logistics Plus has the benefit of on-site specialists that have good relationships with the airlines, and a local Chicago office and warehouse nearby in case any immediate assistance is needed. These are crazy times, but of course, when a shipment is truly critical … Logistics Plus will always find a solution!

PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) Supplies Available

PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) Supplies Available

PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) SuppliesWe are happy to announce that our first shipment of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) supplies will be arriving in Erie, PA this weekend, where they will be warehoused and distributed as needed. Thanks to the MANY Logistics Plus employees all over the world who helped make this happen (too many to mention).

Logistics Plus, as usual, is taking the initiative of finding, procuring, shipping, and providing needed equipment to our front line heroes in the hospitals, care centers, nursing homes, fire departments, police departments and schools throughout PA (and elsewhere). Proud of our entire team!

PPE items can be ordered on the following website: http://covid.www.logisticsplus.com/

ANYONE ANYWHERE can order these critical supplies from us.  Since these items are getting very difficult to procure, please share or forward this website to your contacts as well so they know, and so that we might help in their cities too.

Thanks, all. Stay safe. Stay strong.

Onward (even though the road is tough),



Jim Berlin, CEO, Logistics Plus