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Transportation and Logistics Trends to Watch in 2018 and Beyond

There’s a lot going on in the world of logistics right now. At Logistics Plus, we’ve been keeping pace with many of the current transportation and logistics trends, and here are some things to watch in both trucking and global logistics over the next several years. Automation. Labor shortages and capacity constraints are driving deep… Read more »

2018 Third-Party Logistics Study – Key Takeaways


In case you haven’t had a chance to read the 2018 Third-Party Logistics Study, here are some key takeaways from the results and findings of the 22nd annual report by Dr. C. John Langley and Infosys: Global Results Have Been Mixed. Overall 3PL revenues, estimated at $802B in 2016, have declined slightly over the past several… Read more »

A 3½PL approach to 4PL Solutions


At Logistics Plus, we provide both 3PL and 4PL solutions. What’s the difference between a 3PL and a 4PL? In a nutshell, a 3PL is a partner that provides logistics services to a client using either their own assets, contracted assets, or both. Conversely, a 4PL is an integrated and outsourced partner, often with dedicated, onsite resources,… Read more »

Global Supply Chain Control Towers at Logistics Plus


Global Supply Chain Control Towers are gaining interest among organizations that need greater visibility and control within their increasingly sophisticated supply chains. In a recent Capgemini Consulting report, a supply chain control tower is defined as a central hub with the required technology, organization and processes to capture and use supply chain data to provide… Read more »

Ask The Thought Leaders: What’s the Future of Logistics?


Nick Hastreiter over at The Future of Everything recently posed the question “How will logistics change in the future?” to a number of successful logistics business leaders. Logistics Plus founder and CEO, Jim Berlin, was included in the article. Jim’s contribution, and the complete article, can be found on the The Future of Everything website by clicking the image below.

Logistics Plus Middle East and Africa Updates


The Logistics Plus (LP) Middle East and Africa offices continue to enjoy fast growth and success within the region. Here are some updates from the LP team operating within this important area of the world. Logistics Plus Dubai (UAE) LP Dubai primary team members: Suchit Sehgal, Siew Hua, Anjali Malik, Dhanraj Naidu, Ramesh Reddy, Reuben Alphonse,… Read more »

What’s your most pressing logistics challenge?


What’s your most pressing logistics challenge? How much time and money are you spending on logistics? Are you measuring the total cost of your freight management activities? Through a “prepaid-and-add” approach, are your vendors charging you more for shipping than you realize for your purchased (inbound) goods? In addition to outbound and inbound freight charges, are… Read more »

The Benefits of Nearshoring in Mexico


Many recent articles and white papers have been discussing the emerging trend of nearshoring in Mexico. Thanks to rising costs in China, delays and disruptions to transpacific shipping routes, and logjams at United States western seaports, many manufacturers are looking closer to home for their sourcing needs.  For many of these companies, Mexico – the third largest U.S. trade partner… Read more »

Your Hub for Southwest Warehousing & Distribution

Centrally located in the fourth largest metro area in the United States, the Logistics Plus Dallas/Fort Worth, TX (DFW) warehouse provides 180,000 square feet of prime storage space. Additionally, the facility is located on the 18,000-acre AllianceTexas development which is anchored by the Alliance Global Logistics Hub – one of the world’s premier inland ports. The Logistics Plus… Read more »

Top Logistics Challenges Facing Shippers Today


According to the 2016 State of Third-Party Logistics Study by Capgemini, the chart shown here presents some of the top logistics challenges facing shippers today. Not surprisingly, a majority of the study’s respondents indicated “cutting transportation cost” as a top challenge. Beyond that, many respondents identified less obvious pain-points, but important considerations nonetheless. As the study… Read more »