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Logistics Plus Middle East and Africa Updates


The Logistics Plus (LP) Middle East and Africa offices continue to enjoy fast growth and success within the region. Here are some updates from the LP team operating within this important area of the world. Logistics Plus Dubai (UAE) LP Dubai primary team members: Suchit Sehgal, Siew Hua, Anjali Malik, Dhanraj Naidu, Ramesh Reddy, Reuben Alphonse,… Read more »

What’s your most pressing logistics challenge?


What’s your most pressing logistics challenge? How much time and money are you spending on logistics? Are you measuring the total cost of your freight management activities? Through a “prepaid-and-add” approach, are your vendors charging you more for shipping than you realize for your purchased (inbound) goods? In addition to outbound and inbound freight charges, are… Read more »

The Benefits of Nearshoring in Mexico


Many recent articles and white papers have been discussing the emerging trend of nearshoring in Mexico. Thanks to rising costs in China, delays and disruptions to transpacific shipping routes, and logjams at United States western seaports, many manufacturers are looking closer to home for their sourcing needs.  For many of these companies, Mexico – the third largest U.S. trade partner… Read more »

Your Hub for Southwest Warehousing & Distribution

Centrally located in the fourth largest metro area in the United States, the Logistics Plus Dallas/Fort Worth, TX (DFW) warehouse provides 180,000 square feet of prime storage space. Additionally, the facility is located on the 18,000-acre AllianceTexas development which is anchored by the Alliance Global Logistics Hub – one of the world’s premier inland ports. The Logistics Plus… Read more »

Top Logistics Challenges Facing Shippers Today


According to the 2016 State of Third-Party Logistics Study by Capgemini, the chart shown here presents some of the top logistics challenges facing shippers today. Not surprisingly, a majority of the study’s respondents indicated “cutting transportation cost” as a top challenge. Beyond that, many respondents identified less obvious pain-points, but important considerations nonetheless. As the study… Read more »

Exporting Tips


Exporting can seem like a daunting task to many small- and medium-sized businesses, but it can also be a great way to expand your customer base and grow your sales. Make no mistake, exporting can be a challenge. You have to take the time to select the right product, understand the applicable rules and regulations in both… Read more »

Any Mode, Any Time, Anywhere!


As depicted in the circle image of the Logistics Plus (LP) logo, we have the experience and expertise to help shippers move their goods by any transportation mode, including GROUND, AIR, OCEAN, or RAIL. How did we acquire these capabilities? It all started twenty years ago with our first customer, GE Transportation (GET), a division of General Electric… Read more »

Import and Export Financing


Import and export  financing is much different, for example, than commercial lending, mortgage lending or insurance. There is a longer order-to-delivery cycle on products that are sold and shipped overseas, therefore, it takes longer to get paid. Extra time and energy are required to make sure that buyers are reliable and creditworthy. Careful financial management can… Read more »

3PL Checklist – Choosing the Right Logistics Partner


Companies of all sizes are increasing their use of outsourced logistics services as they seek greater efficiency in their supply chains.  Here is a 3PL checklist to help you find the best third party logistics partner for your situation. 3PLs bring valuable benefits to companies in a number of ways: Reducing transportation costs. 3PLs often have scale and leverage advantages that allow… Read more »

5 Things Shippers Should Know About New Container Rules

The International Maritime Organization ( has recently approved changes to the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) Convention requiring the verification of container weights. Here are five things shippers should know – and do – in regards to the forthcoming revised rules for container weights: Verify All Container Weights! All shippers will be responsible for… Read more »